Sunday, July 18, 2010

A weekly update

Here it is another week gone again. Haven't been doing very much this week since I got out of the hospital on July 12th. Went in to the ER on Thursday, July 8th with real bad stomach pain and throwing up. The doctor at first thought it was gasritis but the second doctor I saw on my second trip to the ER found a hernia. The surgeon was called in. He ordered a cat scan and decided from that that I needed surgery. Had it done about 11:00pm Thursday night. Not a lot of pain but more pulling on the incision. I now have another 4 inch scar. It is still healing but I am doing fine. Can't lift anything over 10lbs. so have to get my family to carry my laundry up and down stairs.
With not being able to do much I have been stitching. I am stitching on Sabrina. Want to have her finished to enter in our Exhibition the first of September. Have her almost half done. Will keep you up on the progress.
Better go for now and get some more stitching done.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Here it is July

Where has June gone. Can't believe that is already a month and a couple of days since my birthday. No wonder a person feels old. Here are some pictures of my latest finishes. The first one is the front and back of a biscornu called When Barnabee Met Bella by Lizzie Kate and the second one is called Quaker and Quilts by Rosewood Manor. I am working on Sabrina now. Hope to have a picture of what I have done soon.

Here it is July